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"Zhong Qiu Jie", which is also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It is a time for family members and loved ones to congregate and enjoy the full moon - an auspicious symbol of abundance, harmony and luck. Adults will usually indulge in fragrant mooncakes of many varieties with a good cup of piping hot Chinese tea, while the little ones run around with their brightly-lit lanterns.
  "Zhong Qiu Jie" probably began as a harvest festival. The festival was later given a mythological flavour with legends of Chang-E, the beautiful lady in the moon.
  According to Chinese mythology, the earth once had10 suns circling over it. One day, all10 suns appeared together, scorching the earth with their heat. The earth was saved when a strong archer, Hou Yi, succeeded in shooting down9 of the suns. Yi stole the elixir of life to save the people from his tyrannical rule, but his wife, Chang-E drank it. Thus started the legend of the lady in the moon to whom young Chinese girls would pray at the Mid-Autumn Festival.
  In the 14th century, the eating of mooncakes at "Zhong Qiu Jie" was given a new significance. The story goes that when Zhu Yuan Zhang was plotting to overthrow the Yuan Dynasty started by the Mongolians, the rebels hid their messages in the Mid-Autumn mooncakes. Zhong Qiu Jie is hence also a commemoration of the overthrow of the Mongolians by the Han people.
  During the Yuan Dynasty (A.D.1206-1368) China was ruled by the Mongolian people. Leaders from the preceding Sung Dynasty (A.D.960-1279) were unhappy at submitting to foreign rule, and set how to coordinate the rebellion without it being discovered. The leaders of the rebellion, knowing that the Moon Festival was drawing near, ordered the making of special cakes. Packed into each mooncake was a message with the outline of the attack. On the night of the Moon Festival, the rebels successfully attacked and overthrew the government. What followed was the establishment of the Ming Dynasty (A.D.1368-1644). Today, moon cakes are eaten to commemorate this event.


  For months to call Fong, bottle green net. Worship the star 's fall, about the moon of the floating raft. - Wen Tianxiang " back to Dong lifting mid-autumn please feast. "
West End Park boat ride, to the Nagahashi Mi moon. Gradually far smoke floating grass in fall, and tower eaves. - Xu Wei " fifteen night " at the
Light on the autumn light off the road long, blue radial GUI style pan tianxiang. On the circular Qiao people thousands of miles, wind light fan Yan and his entourage. - a Huangyan " boat times Mid-Autumn Festival "
The bright moon is rising above the sea, everyone faraway enjoy the same moment. " Full moon " - Zhang Jiuling Huaiyuan
He knows that the dews tonight will be frost. How much brighter the moonlight is at home! - Du Fu " Moonlight " memories of my brother
Autumn sky moon hanging, dew moistened. - Meng Haoran " with a " moon autumn night
From August fifteen night, Qujiang pool center edge. In August fifteen night, Pu Sha Tau water in front of the pen. Where is the southeast northwest Look Homeward, sees the month circle several times. Yesterday the wind blows no one will, like previous light tonight. - Bai Juyi " the night of fifteen August where the moon " Pavilion
Atrium white arboreal crow, wet cold silent dew fragrans. Tonight the moon people look, do not know which family in autumn? Fifteen night of full moon " - Wang Jian "
Ten wheel cream shadow turn family Wu, this evening Halter only disappointment. May not sue without remorse, sweet-scented osmanthus moon cold lonely. - Yan Shu " Moon "
When will the moon be clear and bright? With a cup of wine in my hand, I ask the blue sky. I don't know what season it would be in the heavens on this night. People may have sorrow or joy , be near or far apart, the moon may be dim or bright, wax or wane, this has been going on since the beginning of time. We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight , even though miles apart. " Prelude to water melody " - Su Shi
Fugitive easily in the low moon, return call to see more emphasis on wine. In front of the hall is the more clear moonlight, pharynx pharynx cold Jiang Ming Lu grass. Lonely no shutter push families, under the windows babbling only Chu old. Nandu in the Mo shame of poverty, the few poems. -- Su Shi " and " the Mid-Autumn Festival
Evening clouds withdrawn, pure cold air floods the sky; the river of stars mute, a jade plate turns on high. How oft can we enjoy a fine mid-autumn night? Where shall we view next year silver moon so bright. " The moon " - Su Shi
The poor head with such as silver,10000 Avision yo mussel jane. The sky without the repair on households, cassia twig on round loss to west. " Chimera " Mid-Autumn Castle - Mi



  In ancient times the "On the eve of Autumn Twilight" practices. On the eve of that worship Goddess. Set large incense table, put the moon cake, watermelons, apples, dates, plums, grapes other offerings, moon cake and watermelon is definitely not small. Also cut into the lotus-shaped watermelon. 

  Under the month, the moon god on the moon that direction, Candle high burning the whole family followed by worship the moon, then the charge of the housewife cut happy moon cake. Pre-cut people who count the number of good family, at home, in the field should count together, can not cut more and no cut less the same size.



  On the Mid-Autumn Festival in China is a very ancient custom. According to historical records, as early as the Chou dynasty, the ancient kings had the sun in the vernal equinox, summer solstice Jide, Autumnal Equinox Festival month, the winter solstice Heaven customs. Their place of worship called on the altar to altar, on the altar, the Temple of Heaven.

 Grouped in the four corners. Beijing, the Ming and Qing emperors on the altar is the place on Festival. "Book of Rites" reads: "Son of Heaven spring Asahi, Qiu Xi months. DPRK and the DPRK, on the eve of the eve." On the eve of the eve of here, that means it is night worship the moon. This custom has not only pursued by the court and the upper nobility, with the development of society has gradually affected the folk.





  Midautumn Festival is our country's traditional festival, with the Spring Festival, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, Pure Brightness bingcheng is the Chinese Han Nationality's four big traditional holiday.According to the historical records record, ancient times the king had the spring to offer a sacrifice to Japan, the autumn offers a sacrifice to the month the rituals of state festival time for the lunar calendar is lunar calendar in August15, the date and time met halfth exactly three autumn, therefore “Midautumn Festival”; And further because this holiday in autumn, in August, therefore calls “the mid-autumn festival”, “in August festival” “in August meeting”; Also has the hope reunion belief and the joint vulgar activity, therefore also calls “the mid-autumn festival”, “the daughter festival”.Because Midautumn Festival's major activity all is revolves “the month” to carry on, therefore is named “the month festival” “the end of the month” “to pursue the month festival” “to enjoy the moon the festival” “to pay respects to the moon the festival”; In the Tang Dynasty, Midautumn Festival is also called “the end in first lunar month”.About Midautumn Festival's origin, approximately some three kinds: Origins under the worship, the month which returned to parents' home in the ancient times the dance seeks partner's custom, is the ancient times fall newspaper does obeisance the god of the land to lose vulgarly.

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